Barcelona even has travel agencies specialized in LGTBIQ + travelers


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Ambientravel is an online travel agency specializing in gay friendly cruises. Since 2009, we organize two or three cruises a year, and the number of our passengers now exceeds 2500!
Traveling with Ambientravel is not only about enjoying a simple cruise. Our passengers will also have fun with our private on-board parties such as the White Party, the Carnival party, live performances or DJ sessions.
If you don’t have plans for your next holidays, Ambientravel offers the best offshore gay friendly plan in the Mediterranean, Caribbean or Baltic waters!


Catai Tours

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Via Augusta, 1-3 – 08006 Barcelona

Catai Tours is a traveling wholesaler founded in 1981 that specializes in both long-distance trips to places like Asia, Oceania, Africa and America and also in trips to Europe.
The distinguishing marks of Catai Tours lie in the quality of their services, their innovation and their love for showing the customers the different cultures in every possible place in the planet.

Find the best opportunities in cultural trips, stays and holiday breaks. We are here to help you choose the best trip for you.


Viatges Travelling

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At Viatges Travelling we have an extensive experience in the world of traveling. We have been working with our clients for more than 30 years!
This experience in the industry is what gives us the opportunity of putting into practice all the requested services of whatever kind.
When we face a new challenge, we never ask ourselves the question: could it be possible? Why can’t it be done? Instead, we work together to make it come true.
The specific destination that you both want to travel to, the experience that you have always wanted to live, the trip that you’ve always dreamed of and that you are still eagerly waiting for… Whatever your request is, we’ll make it possible!
As we are all different, at Viatges Travelling offer tailor-made proposals to our customers. And you won’t be able to tell the difference with us!